CorSource Redesign

Tech Refresh

CorSource badly needed a website redesign. Their site was way too old, had outdated information, and was not formatted for either larger screens or mobile. My creative director decided to be hands off and let me lead the project and the client conversations. We had amazing ideation meetings and found a design route that would set CorSource apart from their competitors.


Client: CorSource
Company: McClenahanBruer
Role: Creative Director & Interactive Designer

Building a Template

CorSource was going to handle the development and creation of content. I was to provide a template and detailed wireframes expressing what constitutes as a TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3, and so forth. The design needed to be clean, simple, and not stereotypical corporate or tech looking. Their company was about the people, so they wanted to bring that out.


Other Elements

I also created basic branding guidelines for CorSource including creation of new icons. I wrote up a document on how they can create new ones and what guidelines to follow even when searching for new imagery.