Crimson Dragon Xbox Game

Salvaging a Dragon

Crimson Dragon was in dire need of an overhaul of their UI. With only a few month away from release, their current UI was difficult to read and the UX framework was long, confusing, and had what I called “MENU INCEPTION” with a menu within a menu within a menu. While time still did not permit us to follow through with our changes we did still give them guidance on changing the UX and making small changes to the UI to make it more legible.


Client: Access Games
Company: Microsoft Game Studios
Role: UI/UX Designer
Art Director: Han Randhwana

Creating the Skeleton

One of the few things I was able to flush out was a solid UI framework for Access Games to then use to fix up what they could. The biggest challenge was condensing the menu system they had in place. Each selection opened a new menu which was just awful. This was my way of limiting how many new screens the user had to go through to see their content.


Bestiary Wireframes


Trading Post Wireframes


Mission Select Wireframes


User Flow Ideation

The Logo and Boxart