Galactic Reign Mobile Game

Overhauling the Universe

Galactic Reign was on the last part of its development, but the game overall look and feel was not up to par. I was hired on to finish out the game and to add that extra polish to make the UI reflect the beautiful rendered videos. Overall, the game has been a success and has been getting some rave reviews, especially from Gabe from Penny Arcade!


Client: Microsoft Game Studios
Role: UI/UX Designer
Art Director: Colin Foran

Adding Life to Galactic Reign

One of my additional tasks was to add more movement and liveliness to the UI elements of the game. I first mocked them in Flash or AfterEffects to establish what is the best type of motion and then worked with the engineers to implement it into the game.

Giving a Makeover

Asset polish and UI refinement was the main task I was given. I was limited on how much of the UI I could alter due to lack of time for the engineers to implement intense changes. Below is a showcase of some of the BEFORE and AFTER UI and UX changes from when I first was brought onto the game to the end of the game.

Showcase of UI Elements

Here is a showcase of some of the other various UI elements I created. These are examples of buttons and their active states, icons, decorative elements, or other informational images.