Groups in Modern Conversation Reading Pane

Groups in the Modern Reading Pane

As part of the new redesign for Outlook desktop, they added in a new section called Modern Conversation Reading Pane as a way to slowly start shifting towards a new design for Outlook. It is a way for a nice transition for legacy users. With the groups features coming along, we had to integrate group conversations into the MCRP to make them feel unique within the platform.


Client: Outlook
Company: Microsoft Office
Role: Product Designer
Creative Director: Mark Healy


Basic look and reply all


Individual replies

Depending on how you do a reply or forward it will either end up in the ME space (your normal inbox) or the WE space (group inbox).


Exceptions to an event series

We needed to come up with a better solution to altering a one time meeting in a series. The biggest importance was making it clear that only ONE event is being altered and that users can see the history of the edits.


Adding an event to your calendar